The Top 3 DIY Teeth Whitening Methods (That Are Ruining Your Teeth)

If you’ve done a bit of Googling to find DIY, at-home teeth whitening methods, you may not be sure which ones work, and which ones may harm your teeth. In fact, some popular DIY teeth whitening methods don’t whiten your teeth at all, and could actually permanently damage your teeth. 

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Keep Your Teeth Bright After a Whitening

If you’ve recently had your teeth whitened, there are a few precautions you can take to make sure that your fresh smile stays bright, white, and beautiful for as long as possible. The team at Seaglass Dental Care loves to be able to boost our patients’ confidence with a beautiful whitening, so here’s how to keep your teeth looking great when you leave the office: 

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Welcome To Seaglass Dental Care!

Seaglass Dental Care is a new dental practice in North Palm Beach, and we’re excited to provide our neighbors and community with high-quality dental services. We take a judgment-free, friendly approach to every appointment, so you’ll always feel comfortable in the chair. Dr. Schmitt will discuss your diagnosis and treatment in a way you’ll understand and appreciate because we believe that dentistry should be informative and empowering.

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